"If you think you can, if you think you cant… You’re right."

Hi guys! My name is Yhet and I’ve been struggling on losing weight since god knows when. If you were my follower since 2011, you’d know I was, still am, trying to lose weight and I used to update my weight loss journey often til I got lost on my way to the finish line. I already lost 60lbs back then, but gained back 40 for some stupid reason that wasn’t even worth quitting the fight. But now I’m totally back on track and so ready to move forward! I have lost 30lbs of the weight I gained which means, me, on that photo (my heaviest) and me right now (probably a week ago) I’ve lost a total of 50POUNDS!! I did it, you guys <3

People used to tell me I’m fat, which hurts too damn much, and when I tell them “I’m trying to lose weight” they just laugh. Now that they see my results, a big fk you to everyone who didn’t believe I could do it. I proved y’all wrong, losers. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD

Next goal: lose 5-6lbs in a month! That is what, 10/29/2013 (Will weigh myself the 15th and the 30th) LET’S DO THIS!

http://yhetyhetz.tumblr.com/tagged/diet - my updates if you guys wanna read my posts from before. SO PROUD OF MYSELF

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