rofl this game though

"it’s not even possible you fucking hacker"


i think i ended up 18/2 that game rofl

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this game was so funny and stupid i had more gold than everyone else.

draven was kinda afk (maybe half of the game idk why) so i had to face thresh and vayne so i had to go ap-ish but i was already building support. long story short, i didn’t have dmg and no gold for ap so facing thresh and vayne was hard butttt a quote from this thresh player

"the heals are real"

i got a double kill and from then i started getting fed like i dont even know mannn i had 130ap but i was 8/2 like howwww! im just so happy they were kinda stupid :> i wish draven didn’t come back though… we could’ve won even w/o him… 4v5 wins always make me feel SO good about my horrible gaming skillz rofl. i kinda felt bad they were losing with 4v5 2v1 plays so i was like “its ok guys i just used to play raka alot” *w* ahahahahaha i think i might start playing raka again. i miss her. esp now she got updated and the summoner heal got updated too ahhh yup heals are gonna be so real *w*

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heh finally finally promoted *w*

i haven’t played any raked game in like a month, and i haven’t been playing league of legends lately.. i wonder why too because i used to be able to make time for league. anywayyyy~ i’m just happy i gotz promoted. i lost my first game, but won the last two. i really thought i was gonna lose the 2nd one because we were losing so hard and they wanted to surrender almost every time possible til we caught up (we had a better late game) and won it! <3 and the last game went kinda like that too but we still won. yay i’m happy

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oh my god i cannot take any more sad feels

i am so sad because because i just finished house of cards season2

i remember when i first started this show months ago i stopped after 10 seconds because *spoiler alert* he killed a poor lil dog in the first 20 secs of the show ;A; but then i was hearing really good praises abt this show so i tried watching it again and dang i just got hooked. i finished season1 in a instant and i had to wait several days for season2 i remember i was at planet fitness and trying to look for new shows to watch while running on the treadmill then i saw netflix put out the second season and uguuuu i was so happy :>

it really is a great show though. im bad at reviews so im really just gonna say “it;s an amazing show and you guys should see it. you won’t regret watching it” 

i’m just so sad season3 isnt out yet (if theres s3, there prob is bec there are ties that arent tied yet so) i hope they release it sooner though. i jnow im asking for too much and they wont hear me anyway BUT PLS RELEASE IT WITHIN THISWEEKOR IM CRYING

NETFLIX ORIGINALS ARE AWESOME!!! they need to change the date of when Orange is the new Black season 2 is coming out because i’m getting so impatient :’( welp for now i’m starting a new series, House M.D!!! would you guys recommend me wtaching this? there’s like 8seasons (not that im complaining i love good long shows rofl) im on episode 2 and from what i’ve seen it’s enough to keep me interested <3

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Duck fayz is back
Hahahhaa. These selfies are inspired by my coworker who took a selfie and captioned it:
“Wow.. selfie muna.. kasi naliligaw ako.”
Panalo. Dami kong tawa sa caption. Anong laban ng quotes caption nyo sa caption nya. Hahahaha.

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You didn’t love her. You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego. Or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy the person that you love.

— Callie Torres - ‘The Heart of the Matter’ (via ginniemouse)

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I’m writing my essay on cyber-bullying right now

and there was this article that said “anon hate hurts us because when we read it, we don’t hear the attacker’s voice, we hear our own”

and that’s a really good observation.

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Wow, I want to be like you. Kaya mo yan! ☺️😁

Ahhh I know kaya ko to! *—-* sometimes I wanna be like I QUITTTT pero minsan nagiisip ko na proud ako na independent ako at natutulangan ko pa kahit papano parents ko. Masarap sa feeling… that’s what keeps me going! 

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